Why we priced our eBook the way we did.

If you can’t afford our eBook, or are upset by the price, we apologize wholeheartedly. We spent countless weeks debating the price for our eBook—after over 5 years publishing content entirely for free—this was a big decision for us. We wanted to find a balance between reaching as many people as possible with our ideas, while also appreciating the thousands of creative hours that went into researching, writing, illustrating, editing, recording, and publishing this eBook. Ultimately, our price points are based on a couple factors:

  1. We have a global audience, with people watching our videos pretty much anywhere you can get internet, from India to Atlanta, but the grand majority of viewers come from either the US, the UK, or Germany. We set our prices based on where the majority of people are watching from. Within these countries our prices may still be too high for some people, for many they will be a stretch, and for others they will be totally normal—we’ve tried to find a solution to this problem, so keep reading!

  2. We took a look at the price points set by our peers, and found a range of eBooks priced between 50 to 10 USD. From there, we looked at other comparable eBooks that include year long programs and settled on a list price of 19.99.

  3. Since this is an eBook about the value of creative work, we felt that the price should honor the book and try and reflect the thousands of hours that went into creating it.

Here’s how you can get the eBook for FREE!

If you can’t afford our eBook but would like to obtain a copy, we’d like to suggest a simple barter solution. In exchange for transcribing one or two of our old YouTube videos word for word, we’ll send you a copy of our eBook free of charge. Our videos are in English, so you’ll need to speak at least a moderate level of English to do the transcription, but since our eBook is also entirely in English this shouldn’t be a problem. If you’ve never heard of video transcription (it’s exactly what it sounds like), let me explain. Basically, you’ll watch one or two of our videos (at least 15 minutes of video time) and write down every single word we say, from start to finish. This was actually a big portion of Lou’s first job as a production assistant in New York. It’s tedious, time consuming, and requires full focus, but it’s not particularly challenging. We will use these transcripts to create closed captions for our videos, so that viewers who can’t hear, or don’t speak English well, can follow along with the subtitles. If you’re interested in making this exchange, please send us an email (wildweroam@gmail.com) with the subject line “eBook Barter Bargain” and we’ll set you up with some videos to transcribe, as well as a sample transcript to see how it works!