3 Day Itinerary - Budget Friendly Trip to Prague


This is a huge post with a complete 3 day itinerary for your next trip to Prague, so before we get into Day 1, I wanted to give you a bit of an overview on the city and my biggest tips:


  • Start the day with breakfast at your campsite/hostel/hotel for a quick way to save money and stay healthy

    • We love overnight oats when we’re on the road: per person, soak 1/2 cup oats in 1 cup plant milk plus sliced banana, dried fruit, chia seeds, cinnamon - really any combination that you’re traveling works great)

  • Pack snacks for the day and maybe even your lunch if you want to save extra

  • Our Favorite Vegan Restaurants in Prague: Moment Cafe, Vegan’s Prague, Belzepub (also has non-vegan options)

Getting Around:

  • Pack sneakers because Prague is a super walkable city and this itinerary is almost all on foot. We walked for a minimum of 8 hours every day.

  • Metro System: It is affordable and super convenient, but be careful to buy your tickets before getting onto trams to avoid expensive fines. I go into more detail in number 28 of my Top 40 Things to Do in Prague post.

  • I used the City Rail App to get around town with public transportation because google maps often gives incorrect information


  • Currency is Czech koruna

  • TransferWise has a great post on everything related to exchanging your money  

Most Importantly: Make your Own Plan

  • This itinerary is FULL, so feel free to cut a few things if you'd rather go at a slower pace. Or swap some activities for things on my Top 40 list.

  • Also note: This itinerary is for a Friday to Sunday trip. If you plan to use it for other days of the week please check if things are closed, for example the Jewish Quarter is closed on Saturdays and the National Gallery is closed on Mondays. I also made this guide in November of 2017, so if you are reading this in the future I recommend checking the places hours on your own to make sure that nothing has changed since I posted this. 

Day 1: Friday

Google Map for the Day

  1. 8:45 AM - Start your day in Old Town

    • First thing find a spot to see the Astronomical Clock change on the hour - If you have time before traveling read this post from Prague Experience to learn about the intricacies and history of this clock

    • This town square dates back to the 10th century! Take in the beautiful old buildings, grab a tea, and explore the narrow cobbled streets.

  2. 10 AM - Walk over to Powder Tower

    • Pay 100 CZK to climb the 186 steps for an incredible view of Old Town (it opens at 10 am)

  3. 11 AM - Charles Bridge is your next destination

    • Prague has 17 bridges that cross the Vltava River and the Charles Bridge is not only the oldest, but also the most famous. It connects Old Town to Malá Strana (also known as Lesser Town) and has towers on either side that provide wonderful views of the city. Don’t miss the 30 beautiful statues mounted on either side of the bridge.

  4. 11:30 AM - Kampa Island

    • When you come to the end of Charles Bridge hang a left toward Kampa Island

    • Make sure to check out

      1. John Lennon Wall (this is right before Kampa Island, so make sure to check a map so you don't miss it)

      2. Sculpture of crawling babies by David Černý, a famous Czech modern artist right next to the Museum Kampa (Prague's most famous modern art museum)

      3. Yellow Penguins - an installation made by the Italian "Cracking Art Group"

  5. 12:30 PM - Enjoy lunch at Natureza Vegetarian House

    • Hellichova 397/14, Prague 118 00, Czech Republic

    • They have a wonderful outdoor patio and great vegan burger

  6. 2 PM - Take the Funicular up Petrin Hill

    • Pay 60 CZK to climb to the top of Petrin Tower for some spectacular views of the whole city

    • If you want a cool new Insta pic and there isn’t a huge line the Mirror Maze is definitely worth checking out. It does cost an additional 90 CZK though and is quite small and can be very crowded at high season.

  7. 4:30 PM - Strahov Monastery

    • This place is STUNNING! And closes at 5 PM but is quite small so you can easily see the two rooms in 30 minutes, but I wouldn’t want less than that. It costs 120 CZK and a bit more for a photography pass if you’re interested in using your camera there (people were definitely able to sneak phone photos though without paying extra).

    • If you don’t want to power through your day I would cut one thing off the list so that you can spend more time here.

  8. 5:00 PM Grab a drink across the street at the historic  Monastic Brewery

  9. Whenever drinks wrap up head down to Vegan’s Prague for dinner!

    • Nerudova 36, PragueCzech Republic, 118000

    • This place is up a lot of stairs, but it is well worth the hike. We loved their coconut curry with jasmine rice and their Indonesia specialty, but they also have a bunch of traditional Czech dishes if you want to try those!

    • The staff is great, there is free wifi and lots of outlets to charge gear (which we found super helpful for camera batteries)


And that wraps up Day 1! I know there was a lot packed in there, but if you managed to get through that you’ve already seen so much of what Prague has to offer. If you still manage to have energy and want a post dinner activity Culture Trip has this post on nightlife in Malá Strana, which could give you some ideas.

Day 2: Saturday

Google Map for the Day

  1. 9 AM - Start your day at the Prague Castle

    • If you’re on a budget I say skip buying the pass for the castle and go to the South Gardens first. Here you’ll find some of the best views of the entire city and best of all it's completely free.

  2. 10 AM - St. Vitus Cathedral 

    • You can enter the cathedral for free and take in the incredible architecture from the entrance way (though you won't be able to walk around without a ticket).  

    • Tip: Make sure to get a good look at the stained glass window on the left of the church right after they check for tickets. This window was made by Alphonse Mucha, a famous Czech artist.

  3. 10:30 AM - Climb the Great South Tower of the Cathedral

    •  You have to buy a ticket for this in the offices across from the cathedral and it will cost 150 CZK

    • You’ll have to climb 287 steps, but it will be worth it as the views of Petrin Hill and the Charles Bridge are breathtaking. 

  4. 11:30 AM - Exit the Prague Castle grounds and head towards Letna Park and choose from these lunch options:

    • Get food to go at Burrito Loco (has a vegan option) and eat in the park (make sure to get directions to the Dejvická 188/6, Dejvice, 160 00 Praha-Praha 6 location as this is a local chain) 

    • Have a beer and get some traditional Czech food (no vegan option) at the Letna Beer Garden

    • Highlights from Letna Park:  Views of the Vlatva River, MetronomeLetna Beer Garden

  5. 3 PM -  National Gallery - Trade Fair Palace

    • Admission Fee: 250 CZK

    • Dukelských Hrdinů 47, 170 00 Praha 7-Holešovice, Czechia

    • This museum features 19th, 20th, and 21st century art with a wonderful permanent collection featuring famous artists like Auguste Rodin, Camille Pissarro, Paul Cézanne, Paul Gauguin, Vincent van Gogh, and Pablo Picasso. I also really enjoyed their collection of Czech modern art and would recommend you keep an eye out for František Kupka.

  6. 6 PM -  Dinner Cafe Jedna

    • Veletržní palác, Dukelských Hrdinů 530/47, 170 00 Praha 7, Czechia

    • This restaurant is attached to the museum and has wonderful energy. High ceilings, clean lines, and the perfect amount of plants makes Cafe Jedna a great place to enjoy a meal. We had the grilled veggie and hummus sandwich, vegan samosa, and a banana bread for dessert.

  7. End your night with a film at Bio Oko

    • Františka Křížka 460/15, 170 00 Praha, Czechia

    • This was one of our favorite places in all of Prague. It had such a nice vibe and the people were super friendly, plus a wonderful collection of films! We were there while they had a Bill Murray festival running, so we got to enjoy The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.

Day 3: Sunday

Google Map for the Day  + for dinner follow public transportation directions at the bottom of this post

  1. 9 AM - Jewish Quarter - Old Jewish Cemetery

    • Check out number 19 on my Top 40 Things to Do in Prague post for all the details

  2. 11 AM -  Check out the Mucha Museum

  3. 1:30 PM - Lunch at Estrella

    • Opatovická 17, Praha 1 Prague, Czech Republic 110 00

    • try the Penang curry!)

  4. 3 PM - Rent Paddle Boats

    • I couldn’t find quality information about this place in English, but there is a place to rent paddle boats right across from the Národní divadlo metro stop and next to the Žofín Palace and this is the website. 

  5. 5 PM - Explore the Dancing House

    • This famous building was constructed in the late 90s by architects Vlado Milunic and Frank Owen Gehry

    • We didn’t go up, but there is a viewing terrace at Glass Bar at the top of the building that might be worth checking out

  6. 6:30 PM - Dinner at Moment Cafe

    • Take the 16 Tram towards Lehovec from Palackeho Namesti to Vinohradska Vodarna (5 stops - 10 minutes) - Address: Slezská 62, Praha 2  12000

    • We loved the falafel plate with babaganoush and their vegan quesadilla, but most important is not to miss the chocolate cake!

  7. If you want to go out after dinner check out Soma Bar which is around the corner

I really hope you enjoy this itinerary! If you end up checking any of these spots out, I would love to hear from you in the comments below or shoot us an email at wildweroam@gmail.com 

Dana Roberts