How to Cure Acne?

In this video, Lou and I get to share a story we've been wanting to share ever since we met Nina and Randa while they were traveling through Europe a few years ago. Their story of how they learned how to cure acne is mind-blowing and I still can't believe how incredible their results were within just 6 weeks of shifting their diet and lifestyle.

So how do you get these kinds of results in such a short time period? 

Nina and Randa's acne treatment is simple, effective, and while it takes discipline to follow at the beginning, once you're used to the lifestyle changes it is a side effect free long term cure for all kinds of acne. There are no gimmicks here. No expensive creams or harsh medications. Their cure unlike any other out there treats the cause of acne, instead of the symptoms. 

Here are the tenants to their acne treatment diet plan:

  • No Animal Products of Any Kind

  • No Oil 

  • No Overt Fats (avocado, nuts, seeds, olives, coconut, soy)

This means your meals now focus on grains, legumes, and starchy vegetables. Here are some example meals:

  • Oatmeal and Fruit 

  • Rice and Beans

  • Lentil Loaf

  • Quinoa Salad

  • Veggie Curry

  • Asian Stir-Fry 

Nina and Randa actually wrote an entire book called The Clear Skin Diet that outlines the entire 6-week program with recipes and tips on how to get started with this lifestyle. They also have a Youtube channel with tons of What I Eat in a Day videos if you need a little inspiration in the kitchen. 


From the thumbnail of our video you can see Randa's 6 week transformation and one the thing that I wanted to talk about in this blog post is how while obviously, the first thing that these before and after pictures show is the visible transformation of their skin, the thing that the photos can't capture as well, is the emotional transformation that Nina and Randa went through.

When you suffer from acne it is also very common to struggle with depression. This is a disease that takes over your life and Nina and Randa go into the emotional struggles they had while dealing with horrible cystic acne in the video. They went from happy, outgoing young women pursuing their dreams in the entertainment business to never wanting to leave their house, ignoring their friends who they loved due to the embarrassment of their skin, and letting go of their dream career.

But when their father suggested they check out Dr. McDougall, a plant-based doctor famous for his book The Starch Solution, the twins stumbled over some incredible information. In a small article on his website, he mentioned that by switching to a plant-based diet without any oils or overt fats (like avocado, nuts, or seeds) it is possible to get rid of acne forever. 


Can the food we eat really cause this much pain and suffering? 

Turns out the answer is yes. Within just 6 weeks of changing their diet, Nina and Randa were able to get rid of their horrible cystic acne. Since then they have also discovered the importance of getting rid of all oils in their skin care products from makeup to face wash to shampoo. And with those modifications, Nina and Randa have been able to enjoy clear skin for the last five years. Their personalities have gone back to normal. They are working again. They have helped many other young men and women struggling with acne with their book The Clear Skin Diet. 

The wonderful thing about the diet that Nina and Randa recommend to cure acne, is that it is very similar to the diet that my husband, Lou follows to manage all his Rheumatoid Arthritis symptoms. Because that is the thing about an oil free low fat plant-based diet - it is the most health-promotion diet as it quickly reduces any inflammation in the body. So if you have an autoimmune disease like IBS, Lupus, Diabetes, Hashimoto Thyroiditis or even heart disease this diet could be the answer to managing your illness without having to rely on harsh medications.