Portugal is a country that immediately stole our hearts. We only spent two weeks there in 2016 and it is at the top of our list of places to return to when we finish kitting out our van. We are also very lucky that many of you are from Portugal and have sent so many recommendations of places we must make sure to visit upon our return and believe me I have been writing down every single one!

The thing that stands out most to me about our time in Portugal was how we made time to run around around like kids: waking up and deciding what part of the island to explore, ditching our shoes so our toes could dig into the sand, staring in complete awe watching the ferry boat maneuver onto the dock. And I am so grateful Lou was somehow able to capture this intoxicating playful energy and I hope we make many more videos just like this one in the future. 

Our Trip to Ilha de Armona


We stayed in an Airbnb on the tiny and beautiful Island of Armona. To get there we flew into Faro, Portugal from Berlin, took a train to Olhão and then walked to the city port. There are many ferries going from Olhão to Armona and it is only a 15 minute ride. There isn't much on the island besides a few seafood restaurants, a small convenience store, and holiday apartments, but the peaceful surroundings and long stretches of beach were exactly what Lou and I were craving.

Also important to note that there is a huge farmers market in Olhão and that's where we did all our grocery shopping.