Rakotzbrücke Devil's Bridge - Germany's Circle Bridge


Lou and I had seen this bridge over and over in our Instagram feed and when we decided to take a 2 week trip to Prague we knew this was a stop we had to make on our drive from Berlin. 

The Rakotzbrücke or Devel's Bridge is located in Kromlau, Germany very close to the Polish border. You can find the bridge by following a trail from the entrance to Rhododendronpark Kromlau or Rhododendron Park Kromlau. There are no entrance fees and you are free to visit at any hour, which means it is the perfect place to photograph sunrise. Be prepared though you may run into some other photographers even at dawn as this spot is super popular! 

It definitely is an amazing site and I am so happy we went, but I would only recommend going if it is a stop on a bigger trip as it isn't worth hours and hours in the car. 

Check out the video from our trip below!