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Travel Journal - Venice, Italy

I don't know why some places seem to call to me more than others, but I have been dreaming of going to Venice for as long as I can remember. It's not that I had any specific reason or specific connection to the city, but for many years when Lou and I dreamt of places we'd like to visit in our lifetime Venice was always at the top of the list. And the other week we finally got to make that dream a reality and I'm so happy that we brought the camera along to film, so we can go back and re-live these memories whenever we'd like. And I hope that you enjoy the adventure too :)

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Travel Journal - Nice, France

Hello! For those of you who are new here, I'm Dana and my husband Lou and I are currently traveling through Europe in our ancient van we named Ody. We make videos and share them every Tuesday on Youtube. We love storytelling, which keeps us forever entertained with life on the road. Whether it's sharing our van life adventures or my recent passion for art, we really hope you enjoy!

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