Top 40 Things to Do in Prague (11-20)

View from the South Gardens - Prague Castle

View from the South Gardens - Prague Castle

If you haven't read the first in this series here is the place to start. I really hope you enjoy all of my tips for Prague and if you have any other suggestions please leave them in a comment below. 

11. Visit the Swans

  • Photo Op: Visiting the swans down by the Vltava River is a must when coming to Prague! I would recommend going at dusk as the light gets super beautiful. Just note that these birds are so comfortable with humans and the whole area feels like a feeding frenzy. We didn't partake in the feeding, but we couldn't resist photographing them.

  • Tip: If you're thinking of feeding them I just googled if it's okay to feed swans bread and this is what RSPB recommends: "Many people like feeding bread to swans and while this is unlikely to do them any real harm in the long term, it is no substitute for the proper diet that the birds themselves will seek out. Grain, such as wheat, and vegetable matter, especially lettuce and potatoes, can be fed to swans. Food should be thrown into the water to avoid encouraging the birds onto the bank." So next time you think about feeding the swans try taking lettuce instead!

View from the South Gardens - Prague Castle

View from the South Gardens - Prague Castle

12. Střelecký Island

  • We stumbled upon this part of town when filming our first Shoot Film video in Prague and it felt like an oasis inside the city. The island was filled with huge trees and their leaves were all changing for autumn and you could get great views of the bridges and boats on the water. Definitely worth a stroll! 

13. Prague Castle - The South Gardens

  • Admission Fee: The grounds are free to enter!

  • Photo Op: This was my favorite spots in all of Prague Castle as the views with the red roofs were just breathtaking. You can also get a really good view of St. Nicholas Cathedral and its gorgeous green roof. If you only had an afternoon in Prague this is where I would send you.

14. National Gallery

  • Admission Fee: 250 CZK
  • Tip: Closed Monday! Also, if you're interested in modern/contemporary art like I am, make sure you go to the Trade Fair Palace location. We first went to a different branch of the museum in Old Town Square, which turned out to be interesting, but if you are short on time definitely do a little research to see what is most interesting to you. 

15. Cafe Jedna

Wallenstein Palace

Wallenstein Palace

  • This was our favorite cafe in all of Prague and it is attached to the Trade Fair Palace National Gallery location. It is a calm and clean space and there are even a few vegan things on the menu. If I was a student in Prague I would study here every day. 

16. Wallenstein Palace + Peacocks

  • Free!
  • Photo Op: If you find yourself exploring Malá Strana definitely take an hour to explore these gardens. There are beautiful peacocks roaming about and an enormous koi fish pond on one side of the garden. And on the other side is the 17th century palace. 

17. Strahov Monastery

  • Admission Fee: CZK 120  + photography fee
  • Pro tip: Call ahead to book your private tour! I so wish I had known about this before we went :(
  • Photo Op: If you are at all interested in photography this is well worth the extra fee for photographing permission. There are few that opt to make the splurge, so you have plenty of time to capture these stunning rooms without any crowds making you feel rushed. My recommendation though is to spend a good amount of time once you're done photographing enjoying the beautiful atmosphere.

18. Monastic Brewery

  • We went in for a quick drink after exploring the Strahov Monastery and there was a super cozy vibe inside. If it had been warmer sitting outside that would have been lovely too. Crazy to think the history of this place was first recorded in the 1400s. 

19. Old Jewish Cemetery

Old Jewish Cemetery

Old Jewish Cemetery

  • Admission Fee: CZK 330 
  • Tip: To go the cemetery you must purchase a package ticket and I recommend you get the Jewish Museum in Prague package that lets you also visit Maisel Synagogue, Pinkas Synagogue, Klausen Synagogue, Ceremonial Hall, Spanish Synagogue + temporary exhibitions in the Robert Guttmann Gallery. We only had time to check out a few of the other ones like the Spanish Synagogue which was super impressive.
  • Photo Op: We spent an hour in the cemetery photographing and recommend climbing up to the top floor of Klausen Synagogue next door for the best view. I couldn't believe that the oldest tombstones dated back to the 1400s making this the oldest surviving Jewish cemetery in Europe. 

20. Vegan's Prague

  • Lou and I ate here a few times because it was so convenient for all of our Malá Strana adventures! The staff was so friendly, the food was delicious, great wifi and lots of outlets to charge our camera batteries. There is even a balcony with a lovely view of Prague's famous red roofs, but it was too cold so they didn't have it open. The entire restaurant is really cozy, but note it is up a huge hill and then lots of stairs up to the restaurant so only go if you can handle lots of walking. 


Dana Roberts