Top 40 Things to Do in Prague (21-40)


This is the third of a three part series on my Top 40 Things to Do and See in Prague. Please check out the first and second in the series if you haven't already. 

21. Letná Beer Garden

  • This place was super high on my list and it did not disappoint. Even in chilly/rainy October, people were still sitting outside enjoying a traditional Pilsner and taking in the view of the city.
  • Photo Op: Letná Park has some of the most incredible vantage points for anyone looking to capture Prague and it is completely free. Definitely would be the perfect place to do some sunrise/sunset timelapses of the city. 

22. Metronome

  • A great free attraction that also provides wonderful views of the city. I also found the meaning behind Vratislav Novák Metronome powerful as he installed it in 1991 as a reminder of the struggles the Czech people faced under communism. I thought the folks at Atlas Obscura did a great job explaining the history. 

23. Petrin Lookout Tower

  • Admission Fee: 150 CZK

  • Photo Op: I actually found photographing the tower to be more interesting than photographing the view because Lou and I had already been to so many great vantage points in the city by this part of our trip like Letna Park, the South Gardens of Prague Castle and Powder Tower. Even so, the view is stunning! And the park below is the perfect place for a picnic lunch.

24. Mirror Maze

  • Admission Fee: 90 CZK

  • Photo Op: Lou was definitely hesitant when I told him we were paying to go into a mirror maze, but once we got in he quickly realized that it was well worth it! We really had so much fun playing around with our film camera in here as there are so many interesting angles to photograph.

25. Man Hanging Out

  • This another great piece by the Czech artist David Černý which is a sculpture of Sigmund Freud, hanging from the top of a building. It can easily be missed so make sure to look up Look up at the intersection of Husova and Skorepka in Old Town Prague. 

26. Franz Kafka - Jaroslav Rona

  • This sculpture is located in the first district of Prague between the Holy Spirit Church and the Spanish Synagogue. I really found this captured the essence of Kafka and made me want to reread Metamorphosis

27. Statue of Kafka - Metalmorphosis

  • I included all these different modern art pieces in my top list not because I necessarily fell in love with each piece, but because I really enjoyed the fact that as I walked around the city I could have that moment where you see something you recognize from your research. This one was exactly that. We were trying to find a store that we could buy a car lighter to usb plug and then by chance I looked through a passageway between buildings and saw this humongous silver Kafka head and couldn't resist checking it out. You can find out more about the statue with this piece on Collossal

28. Use Public Transportation / Colorful Metro Stations

  • We made a whole video about this and shared about it on our Instagram.
  • Tip: Prague has an incredible system of trams, subway/metro, and buses, but you have to buy your ticket before riding. They are available at metro stations but not at tram stations. Please note, you have to stamp the ticket to validate it, which can be done on trams or in metro stations to avoid 700 CZK fine. Also google maps isn't always 100% correct when it came to public transportation so I got an app called City Rail Map that worked great. 
One of Prague's colorful metro stations

One of Prague's colorful metro stations

29. Nostalgic Tram #91

  • Price: 35 CZK
  • We accidentally got on this train without realizing your normal metro pass doesn't apply, however it was definitely worth the extra money as it was so fun to see what the trams used to look like. Not to mention we had a super friendly conductor who even let me take his photo. 

30. Moment Cafe

  • This place might not be the most convenient if you don't have a lot of time in Prague, but if you are at all interested in dessert Lou and I had the best cake of our lives here! 

10 Things We Wished We Had Done

  1. Ride the Funicular up Petrin Hill (it was out of service during out trip )
  2. Paddle Boat (we ran out of time and it was quite chilly while were visiting)
  3. Ferry Boat (this is our biggest Prague regret!! These ferries are a part of the public transportation system, but we ran out of time)
  4. Kutná Hora (looks like an incredible day trip with a church filled with real skulls!)
  5. Opera (so many people told us going to the opera was a must do in Prague, but by the time I looked for tickets they were sold out)
  6. Klementinum (Closed and I couldn't find much info on when it would reopen but here is Lonely Planet's informative post)
  7. Climb St. Nicholas Bell Tower (we didn't make it, but I'm sure it offers another great place to see the city)
  8. Dancing House (we forgot to see this incredible building designed by architects Vlado Milunic and Frank Owen Gehry, but I did see it when I visited Prague back in 2010)
  9. John Lennon Wall (we forgot to walk past, but I did see it when I visited Prague back in 2010)
  10. Lobkowicz Palace (I only found out about the palace when writing this post, but the lunch concert and terrace look magical)






Dana Roberts