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We’re Dana and Lou - the creators of Wild We Roam! We’re a couple of almost 30 year olds living in an ancient self-converted van named Odysseus (but we call him “Ody” for short). We love moving slowly, swimming in the ocean, eating rice and beans, but our greatest passion of all is storytelling. Every Tuesday we upload a new video on our Youtube Channel and, if you’re subscribed, send a newsletter to your inbox!



Our mission is for our content to inspire you to Live Creatively in whatever way feels right to you! 

From painting for the first time to fixing a broken sink by yourself, to knitting a scarf for your grandma, to finally learning how to play a guitar… We want to give you the tools you need to place creativity at the center of your life.  Live Creatively is about tapping into that inner child who loves play, creation, and imagination and being brave enough to share your voice no matter what form of expression feels right to you.  


“Curiosity is insubordination in its purest form.”

Vladimir Nabokov


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5 years ago, Lou and I set out on a mission to become full-time creatives! It has been quite a learning process ever since we left New York City to live abroad in Berlin as we knew absolutely nothing about cameras, filmmaking, or social media. Then you throw in building, living, and working in a tiny home on wheels together and it’s fair to say we’ve hit a good amount of road bumps along the way!

But we realized we didn't want you to have to make the same mistakes we did, so we decided to write the artistic guidebook we would have wanted to read at the beginning of our creative journey. Live Creatively is so much more than an eBook. It’s a mental health resource, a meditation guide, a cookbook, a collection of honest stories, but most of all it’s something we hope can spark your curiosity and inspire you to treat yourself and this world kindly.

Over the course of 8 chapters and the corresponding 8 challenges, together we'll build our mental, physical, and emotional capacity, so that we can create the art we've always dreamed of making!


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