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Shoot Film: Buddha Eden by Dana Roberts


I learned a tough lesson filming this video…. ALWAYS wind your film when you finish shooting a roll!! It was such a painful moment realizing that I lost many potentially stunning portraits of our dear friends in Lisbon; however even though I don’t have the photographs to show for the experiences by using the analog camera I was forced to slow down and be present in those moments, which is the true reason I shoot film in the first place.


This roll though is all about BUDDHA EDEN! This outdoor sculpture garden is located an hour north of Lisbon and is completely unlike anything we experienced in our 5 month stay in Portugal.


Film Camera: Canon A-1  50mm f/1.4 Canon lens

 Film Stock:  Fujicolor Superia 200

At first, it seems very strange to have this sort of exhibit in Portugal, when I heard the story of how the park came into existence I knew Lou and I had to see the large art collection. Joe Berardo, a Portuguese businessman, who is also a very famous contemporary art collector, decided to create this park after hearing the news of the Taliban’s destruction of the Bamiyan Buddhas in 2001. He was devastated at the loss of the Afghan art, that he created a park dedicated to peace and filled it with not only a large Buddha collection but also terracotta soldiers and his African art collection.

Looking at these photos now I am in shock at what a crazy oasis Berardo built in the middle of Portugal. I’m not sure if the photos truly capture the scale of these sculptures because they were enormous in person. I hope one day Lou and I find our way to Asia so we can get to walk through more enchanting gardens like Buddha Eden.


Shoot Film Prague 4: Petrin Tower and the Strahov Monastery by Dana Roberts

This is our last post from our trip to Prague and I still am in awe of the beauty of the city. If you saw last week's post, you already know that we ran into some technical difficulty shooting this roll when our camera battery died. Well, we were able to find a replacement battery and get the camera working again, so here is the rest of the roll! 

Hope you've enjoyed all the Prague content as I have had so much fun sharing our adventures with you here and am really excited to keep this travel content growing on the blog in 2018. 

Film Camera: Canon A-1  50mm f/1.4 Canon lens Film Stock:  Fuji Superia 400, X-tra

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